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Ailish is an Australian based artist driven by the desire to create and share. Haus Collage & Stoneware is a space where two of her favourite art mediums collide and are shared with other lovers of handmade art. Ailish draws inspiration from her surrounding nature and the human form, diving into the contemporary whilst holding onto and using traditional methods.

In Ailish's practice with clay she focuses on using traditional hand building techniques, including coil and slab work. Handbuilt clay pieces carry a sense of uniqueness with them, where the imperfections reflect unique beauty and no two pieces are the same. Each vessel is hand crafted in her shed studio in Middleton, South Australia. These vessels step away from their functional role and become sculptural pieces.

Collage is not just about the end result. It is about the journey and process taken to locate, manipulate and arrange the images into a new form that has never been created before. Destructive construction. This gives Ailish the power to create fictional universes from already existing images. "Spontaneous, irrelevant, and personal, collage fits more perfectly into our current world than almost any other artistic technique." - The Age of Collage, Volume 1, Contemporary Collage In Modern Art.


To find out more about Haus Collage & Stoneware, feel free to get in touch.

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